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Title Analysis of Distributed Power Generation Forecasting Model for Power Distribution Planning
Authors 조진태(Jintae Cho) ; 김홍주(Hongjoo Kim) ; 유호성(Hosung Ryu) ; 손용주(Yongju Son) ; 최승연(Sungyun Choi)
Page pp.1248-1262
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Distribution planning; Renewable energy resources; Mid to Long-term forecasting; Deep learning model
Abstract This paper researches a model that predicts a growth in distributed power, taking into account the recent increase in renewable energy interconnected in the distribution system. This paper describes the current state of distributed power and discusses the process of selecting input and output variables for the forecasting model. The, this paper defines various models that can be used for distributed power forecasting and analyze strengths and examples. Finally, this paper compares the utilization of input variables and forecasting models that can be used as mid to long-term distributed power forecasting.