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Title A Study on the Evaluation of System Inertia Impact and Stability Improvement Plan According to Renewable Energy Expansion
Authors 정진용(Jin-Yong Jung) ; 조윤성(Yoon-Sung Cho)
Page pp.1263-1273
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Renewable Energy; System Inertia; Frequency Stability; Governor Droop; ESS; FFR
Abstract As the environmental pollution problem becomes serious, interest in renewable energy is increasing around the world, and overseas power companies and domestic companies are also planning to expand renewable energy. With the expansion of renewable energy, the system inertia is decreasing due to the decrease of existing synchronous generators and the increase of inverter-based generators.
In this paper, the effect of frequency response due to expansion of renewable energy was evaluated and a method for improving frequency stability was simulated. Based on the 9th power supply and demand plan, a scenario was constructed according to the amount of renewable generation, and the effect for changing and installing the synchronous inertia, frequency reserve, governor droop and ESS was analyzed through frequency response simulation in case of simultaneous generator accidents. The frequency response characteristics are analyzed through those methods to confirm that four methods can be applied as stability improvement measures.