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Title Fault Analysis in the Grid with Inverter-Based Distributed Generation Considering the Interconnection Transformer Topology
Authors 윤명석(Myungseok Yoon) ; 이문정(Moonjeong Lee) ; 조남훈(Namhun Cho) ; 최승연(Sungyun Choi)
Page pp.1274-1281
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Fault Analysis; Fault Current; Interconnection Transformer; Distributed Generation
Abstract For conducting the fault analysis in a system with distributed generation, the sequence equivalent circuit is used. Due to the characteristics of distributed generation that reverse currents occur, the size of the fault current can be determined by the path where fault current can flow into the fault point in the negative sequence and zero sequence. In this paper, we calculate and compare the fault currents in the system with inverter-based distributed generation considering the topology of transformer winding. From the results, we can analyze the effect of the interconnection transformer in the fault analysis.