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Title Frequency Conversion of Reflected Wave using an Active Metasurface
Authors 한희제(Heeje Han) ; 박순우(Soonwoo Park) ; 김홍준(Hongjoon Kim)
Page pp.1327-1330
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Doppler shift; Frequency conversion; Tunable impedance surface; Metasurface
Abstract By employing varactor diodes in a metasurface, the surface impedance can be changed by a bias voltage, as the resonant frequency altered. In order to convert the frequency of a reflected wave, 360° reflection phase variation is required. This study presents the related theory and demonstrates the frequency conversion through the experimental results. We achieved the reflection frequency conversion which is increased by 50 kHz more than the incident wave of 2.65 GHz, and its SFDR and conversion loss are 7.38 dBc and 5.62 dB, respectively. The proposed metasurface can contribute an efficient improvement in anti-RADAR system fields.