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Title A Study on the Current Collecting Method of Urban Railroad Vehicle on DC Rigid Bar for Minimizing contact loss and Arc
Authors 박원찬(Weon-Chan Park) ; 이동호(Dong-Ho Lee) ; 최용은(Yong-Eun Choi) ; 강정원(Jeong-Won Kang) ; 김재문(Jae-Moon Kim)
Page pp.1391-1397
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Contact loss; Pantograph; DC rigid bar; Single-arm; Arc
Abstract In this paper, when the single-arm pantograph is applied as a single current collecting method, the interface problem between the contact wire and the pantograph was derived and the cause of this was considered.
In the case of a test driving of a new urban railway vehicle consisting of a single-arm pantograph (3 units) as a single current collecting method, arc melting damage to the contact wire and pantograph occurred due to a contact loss. On the other hand, when the parallel current collecting method was applied and the single arm pantograph was tested 4 times, it satisfies within 1% of the allowable standard for the contact loss rate. Based on these results, it is suggested that the parallel current collecting method is suitable for the pantograph of an urban railroad vehicle operating on the DC rigid bar.