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Title Development of Hybrid Power System using Photovoltaic Generation and Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Module
Authors 이동희(Dong-Hee Lee) ; 최형진(Hyung-Jin Choe) ; 김용욱(Yong-Wook Kim) ; 김동완(Dong-Wan Kim)
Page pp.1413-1419
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Hybrid power system; Piezoelectric energy harvesting; Photovoltaic generation; Road application
Abstract This paper presents a hybrid power system using PV(Photovoltaic) and piezoelectric energy harvesting modules. In the proposed hybrid power system, the main power is supplied by the PV, and the assistant power can be added by the piezoelectric energy harvesting modules. Furthermore, the buck-boost dc-dc converter for the PV and the piezoelectric energy harvesting modules are designed for the parallel connection of two power inputs. For the parallel connection of multi-source power system, the different MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) curves are selected by the input source in the proposed power system. The outputs of two converters are parallel connected to the battery. In the simulation and the experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed hybrid power system using PV and piezoelectric energy harvesting modules.