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Title Research on Acceleration Time of Reactor Starting Induction Motor
Authors 김종겸(Jong-Gyeum Kim)
Page pp.1420-1424
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Acceleration Time; Induction Motor; Reactor Starting; Tap change; Torque
Abstract Induction motors have a simple structure, easy maintenance, and constant speed operation, so they are most often used as driving equipment for fluid loads such as pumps. Induction motors have a disadvantage that voltage drops occur due to high current generation during startup. In order to overcome this problem, various starting methods are applied according to the motor capacity.
In the case of medium and large induction motors, the reactor starting method is widely applied. The calculation of the acceleration time by the reactor starting is important for the electrical quality analysis of the system. The calculation of acceleration time is complicated because it must go through the process of differential and speed integration for the torque difference between the motor and the load. Therefore, in this study, we compared and analyzed the calculation of the acceleration time through the introduction of the simplified calculation of the acceleration torque and the simulation of the actual model through the electromagnetic transient analysis program.