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Title Implication for Energy Efficiency Resource Standards: Based on Analysis of Policy Framework
Authors 김주한(Ju-Han Kim) ; 김유리(Yoo-Ri Kim) ; 강희재(Hee-Jae Kang) ; 김진수(Jin-Soo Kim) ; 이정배(Jung-Bae Lee)
Page pp.1432-1442
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Energy Efficiency Resource Standard; Demand Response; Legal Framework
Abstract Energy Efficiency Resource Standards(EERS) has been implemented in various countries such as the United States and Italy, and pilot projects are being implemented in Korea. Nevertheless, the legal basis of Korean EERS is vulnerable and there is insufficient discussion about the factors that make up the EERS policy. In consideration of the environment in Korea, the government should adopt an optimal method depending on the extent to which factors are applied. In addition, a reasonable target level and a cost recovery program should be established through agreement with the responsible entities to develop sustainable policy framework.