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Title Study on the Synchronous Speed Operation Characteristics of Line-Start Synchronous Reluctance Motor According to the Design Parameters
Authors 김현우(Hyunwoo Kim) ; 강준호(Junho Kang) ; 김정원(Jeongwon Kim) ; 이주(Ju Lee)
Page pp.1452-1459
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Finite element analysis; IE4 class efficiency; line-start synchronous reluctance motor; minimum energy performance standard; power factor.
Abstract In this paper, the operating points of a line-start synchronous reluctance motor (LS-SynRM) are analyzed based on the mathematical model, and the performances such as efficiency and power factor are analyzed using a finite element analysis (FEA). Based on the mathematic model of LS-SynRM, the operating points is analyzed according to the dq-axis inductance. The design parameters that determine the dq-axis inductance and phase resistance are selected as a turn per slot, a stack length, and that determine a barrier design. Using a finite element analysis (FEA), the operating points are analyzed according to the design parameters. Furthermore, the performances of LS-SynRM according to the operating points are analyzed to consider the efficiency and power factor. The performance maps according to three design parameters are analyzed to optimize the efficiency and power factor. To verify FEA result, final LS-SynRM is manufactured and the experiment is performed.