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Title A Study on the Effect of Excitation Coil System To Improve Measurement Accuracy of Electromagnetic Flowmeter on the Ship
Authors 임상현(Sang Hyeon Im) ; 김경윤(Kyung Youn Kim) ; 박관수(Gwan Soo Park)
Page pp.1460-1466
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Electromagnetic flowmeter; Faraday’s Law; Fluid velocity; Magnetic flux density; 3D Finite element analysis
Abstract An electromagnetic flowmeter calculates the velocity of the fluid and volumetric flow rate by measuring the induced voltage generated by the internal magnetic field. However, because the velocity of the fluid changes according to various external conditions, the uniformity of the magnetic flux density in the measurement section is critical for the accurate measurement of the flow rate. In this study, an improved coil system was proposed to analyze the influence of the internal structure of the electromagnetic flowmeter and to increase the measurement accuracy. The proposed design was verified by analyzing the magnetic flux density distribution via 3D electromagnetic finite element analysis and via experiments using a manufactured prototype.