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Title Dueling double Q-learning based reinforcement learning approach for the flow shop scheduling problem
Authors 김성준(Seong Joon Kim) ; 김병욱(Byung Wook Kim)
Page pp.1497-1508
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Reinforcement learning; Flow shop scheduling; Double Q-learning; Dueling architecture
Abstract Flow shop scheduling is an important optimization problem for operating actual manufacturing facilities. In this paper, we propose a novel flow shop scheduling scheme based on the double Q-learning and the dueling architecture. We designed double Q-learning process using two estimation functions rather than a single estimation function to avoid over-estimation problem. In addition, the adaptation of the dueling architecture, which can provide robust policy estimation performance using both the state function and the advantage function, leading to less-variance and efficient learning process. We conducted extensive simulations of flow shop scheduling using multiple datasets with various scheduling scales. From the simulation result, we observed that the proposed scheme outperforms the existing heuristic and reinforcement learning-based scheduling schemes in terms of the final manufacturing time consumption for various flow shop scales.