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Title Time-series based System Stability Estimation for Railroad Vehicle PMSM Using Real-time Simulator
Authors 조환희(Hwan-hee Cho) ; 김재원(Jae-won Kim) ; 김형철(Hyung-chul Kim)
Page pp.1526-1534
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Auto-regressive model; nonlinear analysis; PMSM; railroad electrification system design; railroad vehicle; real-time simulation; time-series.
Abstract This paper deals with numerical analysis method for system stability, which is applied to the mathematical model of permanent magnet synchronous motor for railway vehicle as one of the application of real-time digital simulation. Specifically, this study deals with bifurcation numerical analysis, one of analytic method to study nonlinear dynamics of a system, for system design or its inspection technique of the system model. XPPAUT is used to analyze the electrical motion of this complex system, so it can introduce theoretical approach to design real-time computing environment based on OPAL-RT for electrification system parts of railroad vehicle model. Within the real-time simulation framework, the paper also provides time-series based system stability estimation by performing statistical processes for auto-regressive model construction. The proposed approach can reduplicate verification process by screen studying of the model for improvement during real-time simulation or further hardware-in-the-loop test system.