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Title Implementation of Smart Diagnosis Program for Quantification of Arc Flash Hazard
Authors 나경민(Kyung-Min Na) ; 이기원(Kiwon Lee) ; 박철민(Chulmin Park) ; 김형철(Hyungchul Kim) ; 박영(Young Park)
Page pp.1535-1539
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Arc Flash; Arc Duration; Arc Diagnosis; Ultraviolet; Photosensor
Abstract Hazardous arc generated by electrical faults are detected for safety accidents in power facilities. Arc detection has a different measurement method depending on the faults. the arc flash from short circuit or overload is analyzed by voltage and current for diagnosis. However, there is a disadvantage in detecting the arc because of sensitivity to noise before it occur. In addition, detection method based on the photosensor may cause an malfunction by the light around environment. The photosensor with 220 nm can prevent malfunction because it not work in sun of the light. The arc size according to the detection speed is shown as the arc duration. This method reduces error according to the detection speed. However, it is necessary to implement a program capable of determining detection and accuracy determination for quantitative measurement. In this paper, we propose a detection method and program with improved detection speed to detect the arc duration of 10 μs. the error of program is compared with the arc duration generated in real time. In the future, we propose that customized application will be possible according to the factors of arc generation in the electric power field.