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Title Characteristic Analysis of Transient Ground Impedance with High Frequency Band on the AT Electric Railway Integrated Earthing System
Authors 창상훈(Sang-Hoon Chang)
Page pp.1554-1558
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Transient Grounding Impedance; Electric Railway Earthing System; AT(Auto Transformer) Feeding System
Abstract This paper, when lightning current flows into the AT electric railway power feeding system, the ground impedance characteristics according to the length of the buried earth wire and the earth resistivity are analyzed and presented. Due to the increase in accidents caused by lightning and surges in the electric railway operation section, the need to review the grounding impedance of the electric railway integrated earthing system is increasing. The grounding system currently applied to the electric railway operation section has been considered in terms of preventing electric shock to the human body and protecting facilities in the event of a ground fault or short circuit in a commercial power supply of 60[Hz] band. Recently, electronicization of signal and communication facilities installed around railway tracks, high-quality power supply is required. Therefore, the need for technical analysis on ground impedance and transients in high-frequency bands is increasing. The ground impedance is an important factor that distinguishes the characteristics of the AT electric railway integrated earthing system.