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Title Design and Analysis of 12kW Multiple Resonant LLC Converter with Parallel-Input and Series-Output
Authors 김동균(Dong-kyun kim) ; 박찬배(Chan-Bae Park) ; 이재범(Jae-Bum Lee)
Page pp.1569-1579
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Hydrogen fuel cell; Step-up converter; Boost converter; Resonant converter; Parallel-input and series-output
Abstract Recently, research is actively underway to use energy-efficient hydrogen fuel cells as power sources for railway vehicles. In the past, high DC voltage of inverter was possible by utilizing 3-Level boost converter as a step-up converter in railway vehicle with hydrogen fuel cell. However, conventional 3-Level boost converter has limitations in terms of increasing switching frequencies, which do not reduce the volume of magnetic materials that account for a large portion of the volume of DC/DC converter systems.
In this paper, to reduce the volume of the transformer, inductor, capacitor, and heat-sink, ‘multiple resonant LLC converter with parallel-input series-output structures’ operating in resonant and below regions is proposed in high-power and wide-output-voltage range. This paper carried out the optimization design of a 12kW multiple resonant converter and verified it using PSIM for operational analysis, MAXWELL for magnetic field analysis, and ICEPAK for thermal analysis.