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Title Characteristic analysis according to winding method of 45kW-class MG-PMSM for driving of wireless tram
Authors 이형우(Hyung-Woo Lee) ; 이재범(Jae-Bum Lee) ; 임재현(Jae-Hyeon Lim) ; 박찬배(Chan-Bae Park)
Page pp.1580-1587
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Dual-rotor; MG-PMSM; Dual-airgap; Pole-piece; Winding method; Permanent magnet; Wireless tram
Abstract In this research, a design model derivation study is conducted to apply the 45kW-class MG-PMSM to the Wireless Tram driving system composed of a conventional induction motor and a mechanical reducer. First, a comparative analysis of electromagnetic characteristics according to a distributed winding and a concentrated winding method among the stator winding methods applied in general PMSM is performed. Next, a characteristic comparison analysis according to the magnetization direction of the permanent magnet of the inner rotor is performed. Finally, a stator winding method suitable for miniaturization and high efficiency of the 45kW-class MG-PMSM is selected