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Title A comparative analysis of the superconducting bulk and wire types applicable to mechanical DC circuit breaker
Authors 박상용(Sang-Yong Park) ; 최효상(Hyo-Sang Choi)
Page pp.1607-1610
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Lorentz force; Superconducting bulk-type magnet; Arc-induction type; Superconducting wire-type electromagnet
Abstract The core technology of the DC grid system is to protect the system in the event of a transient and to cut-off the faults current in a trouble line, quickly. We sat down to analyze to implement the DC breaking technology of mechanical DC circuit breaker on the faster and more safely. However, the mechanical DC circuit breakers have limitations on the opening speed and the components of the break contact. To solve this problem, we applied a superconducting electromagnet to a mechanical DC circuit breaker and proposed a method to reduce the DC Arc energy generated during the breaking operation. In this paper, we proposed the application of superconducting bulk-type magnet and superconducting wire-type electromagnet to the conventional mechanical DC circuit breaker and analysed the breaking characteristic. We designed a mechanical DC cutting-off contact, a superconducting bulk-type magnet, and a superconducting wire-type electromagnet through the Maxwell 3D program. As a result, the Lorentz force was generated between the mechanical DC cutting-off contacts each applied the superconducting bulk-type magnet and wire-type electromagnets. The superconducting bulk-type magnets produced a magnetic force of about 269.3 A/m and the superconducting wire-type electromagnet produced a magnetic force of about 610 A/m affecting DC arc blowing