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Title Outdoor test results of PV system for Jeju application
Authors 김기현(Kihyun Kim) ; 구경완(Kyungwan Koo) ; 김필규(Pilkyu Kim)
Page pp.1611-1615
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords PV modules; Photovoltaic system; Jeju application system; Korea standard; Out door test
Abstract Jeju island has unique weather such as strong and salty wind. Thus, it is necessary to select stronger PV modules and system components because of Jeju island own harsh weather conditions. To secure safety against harsh weather, more severe tests were carried out for selections of PV. Actually, only test-passed-PV-modules were installed. Lastly, A option of PV mount rotation was added to protect against winds. Herein we will introduce its outdoor test results and guidelines for Jeju application.