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Title Analysis of Empirical Data of Lithium-ion Battery for Predictive Maintenance of ESS
Authors 이예림(Ye-Rim Lee) ; 조경희(Kyeong-Hee Cho) ; 변길성(Gil-Sung Byeon) ; 김종율(Jong-Yul Kim)
Page pp.1677-1684
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Predictive Maintenance; Lithium-ion Battery; Empirical data; Cell; Voltage Deviation
Abstract ESS is expanding with the spread of renewable energy, but fire and explosion accidents may occur due to fault. Therefore, predictive maintenance technology for efficiency and safety is becoming more important. In this paper, for predictive maintenance of lithium-ion batteries, empirical data for battery were analyzed and the time of fault was predicted using the cell voltage deviation.