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Title The Study on IoT Smart Meter Gateway Based on AMI2.0 System
Authors 최강운(Kang-Un Choi) ; 박병석(Byeongseok Park) ; 김동섭(Dongsub Kim)
Page pp.1705-1713
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords AMI System; AMI2.0; IoT protocol; Smart Meter GateWay; LwM2M
Abstract AMI is a large-scale IoT system that provides various customer services such as demand response and load analysis service by collecting and analyzing customers' electricity consumption in semi-real time using bidirectional communication. Since the existing AMI system used a non-standard private protocol, standardization of the data model and transmission method is required. In this paper, the data model and transmission method based on the LwM2M IoT protocol were designed to be suitable for the AMI system. In addition, a prototype was developed and the performance and stability were tested in the field. As a result of the field test, it was confirmed that the timely data collection rate of more that 99% was achieved, and the collection time of AMI information was greatly reduced by more that 95% compared to the existing one. Therefore, it is considered that it can be used for future distribution system prediction and demand management service.