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Title Static Spark Discharge Risk Caused of Human Body Voltage in Flammable Atmosphere
Authors 김해술(Hae-Sul Kim) ; 송형준(Hyoung-Jun Song)
Page pp.1743-1749
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords electrostatic; Human body voltage; Human body resistance to ground; Static capacitive spark discharge
Abstract The fire and explosion caused by electrostatic discharge have been repeatedly reported at the working sites with flammable materials. Despite the risk of electrostatic discharge, the relationship between human body voltage and surrounding conditions has not been intensively studied in the actual manufacturing sites. Here, we systematically studied the human body voltage and energy from electrostatic discharge under the various human body resistance to ground and relative humidity. The results show that anti-static systems, conductive shoes, mat, and wrist strip, effectively decrease human body voltage below possible explosive zone (< 300 V), while the worker without any anti-static system might cause fire and explosion. Moreover, it is required to control the humidity level at working sites to reduce the risk. Finally, we suggest an entrance control system connected with the human body resistance measurement system to avoid electrostatic discharge accidents. We believe that the result shown here will contribute to realizing safe working sites.