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Title An IoT Standards-Based Electrical Equipment Status Monitoring System Supporting Modbus/OCF Bridging
Authors 정상진(Sangjin Jeong) ; 안윤영(Yoon-Young An) ; 강현주(Hyunjoo Kang) ; 심태형(Taehyoung Shim) ; 김성혜(Sung-Hei Kim)
Page pp.217-224
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords IoT; electrical safety; open connectivity foundation; modbus; bridge
Abstract With the spread of IoT technology and the convergence of power facility technology and IoT technology, IoT-based electrical facility management systems are being developed to support real-time monitoring and advanced prediction of abnormal behaviors.
Currently, many IoT-based electrical facility management systems use a non-standard-based information model that defines its own IoT information model representing the state information for various electrical facilities. Therefore, it is difficult to guarantee interworking between different electrical safety management systems, and it is also difficult to develop and disseminate various electrical safety-related advanced services based on electrical safety big data. In addition, legacy electrical facilities that do not support IoT functionality are not integrated with IoT-based electrical safety management systems. In this paper, to solve these problems, we propose the architecture of IoT standard based electrical safety management system. The proposed electrical safety management system can support interworking with non-IoT electrical equipment by providing a data model conversion function that can convert Modbus data models into IoT data models. A testbed was constructed and operational tests were conducted to test the proposed electrical safety management system prototype system. The proposed system in this paper is expected to effectively manage not only IoT-supported electrical facilities but also non-IoT facilities.