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Title Study of Radiometer System Based on Electrical Beam Steering for Direction Detection of Corona Discharge
Authors 김수민(Sumin Kim) ; 천창율(Changyul Cheon)
Page pp.454-459
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords corona discharge; radiometer; electric beam steering; direction detection
Abstract In this study, we designed and fabricated a radiometer using electric beam steering to improve the problems of the conventional corona discharge detection. The research was then conducted to image the data so that direction of corona discharge could be detected. When a corona discharge occurred, heat was generated around it and the electromagnetic wave generated by the heat was detected to detect the direction of the corona discharge. In addition, by selecting the electric beam steering using a phase shifter, the stability of the system is increased and the data is imaged to increase the accuracy of the detection of the measurement object. In particular, by showing the possibility of direction detection using electric beam steering, it laid the foundation for the possibility of direction detection of corona discharge.