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Title A Study on Emotion Recognition using Speech Acoustic Features and Face Images
Authors 손명진(Myoung-jin Son) ; 이석필(Seok-pil Lee)
Page pp.1081-1086
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Emotion recognition; Acoustic feature; Facial image; Deep learning
Abstract Generally, people recognize other people's emotions by their voices and facial expressions. So, speech signals and facial images have been actively studied in the field of emotional recognition. Therefore, in this paper, we present effective acoustic features for emotion recognition and a method to recognize emotions by combining speech signals and facial image sequences. To combine these the two inputs like speech signals and facial image sequences, three models are designed. And these three models are combined by using the Joint Fine Tuning method. The result shows that the performance of our model is very promising for emotion recognitions in comparison with other models using speech signals and facial image sequences.