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Title PILS Design based on Unity3D for Performance Verification of Multi-Sensor Integrated Navigation System using 3D GIS Map in Urban Canyon
Authors 고은학(Eun-Hak Koh) ; 유강수(Kang-soo Ryu) ; 성상경(Sangkyung Sung)
Page pp.1118-1125
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords PILS; unity3d; navigation; GIS; integrated navigation; urban
Abstract This paper presents PILS using Unity3D, a game development tool, for verification of navigation performance in various environments. The navigation performed with PILS is a fusion/complex navigation using GPS navigation and 3D GIS maps and multiple distance sensors in urban environments where satellite signals are not reliable. Accordingly, the topography and the building are constituted by utilizing the Unity3D program, and the virtual data are created by modeling sensors, vehicles, and vehicle’s guidance and controller. To create a more realistic simulation, actual sensor noise characteristics, and actual flight maneuvers are analyzed. Data are transferred to a navigation module used for actual flight by using serial communication, a navigation solution obtained from the navigation module is plotted in GCS. Solutions are transferred to a PC again where data are generated and finally compared with a true value in real-time.