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Title Study on the Mechanical and Tracking Resistance Properties of Liquid Silicone Rubber with Variation to its Composition
Authors 이지희(Ji-hee Lee) ; 홍영기(Young-Gi Hong) ; 박재준(Jae-Jun Park)
Page pp.1371-1377
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords LSR nano composites; HVDC Insulation Breakdown Strength; Tensile Strength; Molar Ratio; IPT; Gel content; Crosslinking dendity; Swelling ratio
Abstract Liquid silicone rubber containing 20wt% of nano-silica was prepared with the molar ratio of [Si-H] / [Vinyl] to 3.0, 4.9, 7.8, and 11.0, respectively, in order to develop insulating materials for ultra-high voltage insulators for HVDC. The crosslink density, swelling rate and gel content were measured to evaluate the properties of the prepared samples, and mechanical strength (tensile strength, elongation, 100% elasticity) and DC inclined plane tracking performance were evaluated.