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Title An Implementation of Calibration System for Arc Detection in 220 nm UV Light
Authors 나경민(Kyung-Min Na) ; 이기원(Kiwon Lee) ; 박철민(Chul-Min Park) ; 박영(Young Park)
Page pp.1490-1494
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Arc flash; Ultraviolet; Photosensor; Power equipment; Electric railway
Abstract The demand for renewable energy equipment and power equipment for use in electric railways has been increasing owing to the expansion of dispersed power sources and urban railroads. Arc flashes occur because of insulation breakdown, leakage, and contact loss, and it may cause electric fires in DC power equipment. Arc flashes are detected by temperature, pressure, acoustic, light, and electrical methods. The photosensor detection is a noncontact method but has the disadvantage of high external noise owing to sunlight depending on the wavelength band from among these. An arc detector in the 220-nm ultraviolet (UV) light is developed to reduce noise and is not affected by sunlight. However, there is no prior research on the deterioration of electrical equipment when using arc discharge. Therefore, correcting errors, such as light density, generation time, and distance, through arc flash replay is necessary to determine the deterioration of DC power equipment. In this paper, we propose a calibration system for reproducing an arc flash in the 220-nm UV light. The calibration system comprises a 150-W light source and a xenon-series chopper disc, and the result of the photosensor response to 220-nm UV light is noted.