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Title A Study on the Validity Analysis of Voltage Unbalance Compensation Devices in the AC Railway System through PSCAD Modeling
Authors 고유란(Yu-Ran Go) ; 김현우(Hyun-Woo Kim) ; 민명환(Myung-Hwan Min) ; 안태풍(Tae-Pung An) ; 이태훈(Tae-Hoon Lee)
Page pp.1512-1518
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Voltage Unbalance; Compensator; AC railway system; IEC 61000-3-16
Abstract In AC railway system using single phase power, voltage unbalance for three phase is one of power quality issues. Voltage imbalance affects the life and efficiency of power facilities and devices that receive power from the same three-phase power system.
Special transformers are applied to improve these problems, but it does not solve voltage imbalances completely.
In this paper, we present the equation of voltage unbalance factor in system applied with scott transformer based on voltage unbalance factor defined in IEC standard. It then used actual measurement data to analyze the voltage unbalance characteristics. And the modeling for AC railway system, voltage unbalance compensation devices similar to actual site and are performed using PSCAD.
The simulation was also performed by load modeling with actual measurement data. Through this, the validity of the improvement of the voltage unbalance using the compensation device is analyzed.