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Title A Study on Reliability Evaluation for Development of High Reliability Auxiliary Power Supply System
Authors 김재원(Jaewon Kim) ; 김길동(Gildong Kim) ; 신승권(Seungkwon Shin) ; 조규정(Gyu-Jung Cho) ; 이한상(Hansang Lee)
Page pp.1561-1568
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Reliability Evaluation; Railway Vehicle; APS(Auxiliary Power Supply) System; Accelerated Life Test Reliability Prediction; Reliability Demonstration
Abstract For important railway equipment related to safety, efficient management and maintenance are required based on reliability, and for this, information on the life expectancy of the developed electronic equipment is required. Accordingly, in this paper, we deal with the reliability evaluation process to secure high reliability and obtain life expectancy information in the process of developing new APS(Auxiliary Power Supply) system that are 100 % compatible with existing APS system. The proposed reliability evaluation process was applied to the APS system under development by raising the reliability target of about 8 % compared to the existing one. Particularly, the vulnerable component can secure high reliability from the design stage through the reliability prediction and reliability demonstration based on accelerated life test. In the case of system reliability demonstration, the auxiliary power supply system equipped with improved vulnerable components that satisfy the reliability target of vulnerable components is installed on a railway vehicle, and the actual railway vehicle verification test is performed in an actual operating environment. The reliability evaluation process in this paper can be used as a way to secure high reliability in railway systems with many restrictions such as cost and test environment.