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Title Development of Full-Scale Power System Real-time Simulation Technology for AC-DC Integrated Power System Analysis
Authors 오승찬(Seung-Chan Oh) ; 송지영(Ji-Young Song) ; 이재걸(Jae-gul Lee) ; 정솔영(Sol-young Jung) ; 구현근(Hyunkeun-Ku) ; 신정훈(Jeong-hoon Shin)
Page pp.1586-1596
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords AC-DC integrated analysis; Dynamic Performance Test; LP-HILS; Replica controller; Real Time Digital Simulation
Abstract In the case of the KEPCO power system, the installation of power electronic devices such as FACTS/HVDC is increasing to maximize the power transmission capability. The installation of these power electronic devices increase the utilization of the conventional transmission facilities. However, it can also cause power system instability due to the control instability and interaction between conventional facilities and other power electronic devices. By these reasons, the importance of the AC-DC integrated power system analysis technology is increasing. This technology provide the capability to analysis interaction among conventional ac facilities and power electronic based devices. In this paper, AC-DC integrated power system analysis technology based on the real-time simulation. As a case study, the result of the dynamic performance tests of the facilities that operating on the KEPCO power system are provided.