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Title Improvement of guideline for calculating line constants based on post-fault analysis of cable transmission lines
Authors 최종기(Jong-kee Choi) ; 이유진(Yu-jin Lee) ; 이상영(Sang-young Lee) ; 김형근(Hyeong-geun Kim) ; 신정훈(Jeong-hoon Shin)
Page pp.1649-1658
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Final manuscript; Guidelines; Instructions; Prospective authors; Template
Abstract The symmetrical impedances of a transmission line are important parameters for both accurate fault calculation and reliable protective relay setting. While overhead line impedance calculation results generally agree well with measured impedances at reasonable accuracy, underground transmission line impedances do not agree well very often. So there has been an urgent need for better guideline to determine which impedance should be used among measured and calculated cable transmission line impedances.
In this paper, various post-fault analysis of 154kV cable transmission lines were conducted to improve the current KEPCO guideline based on sound technical background as possible.