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Title Development of UL1699B based DC Arc Generator for Photovoltaic Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Test
Authors 박광묵(Kwang-Muk Park) ; 방선배(Sun-Bae Bang) ; 박진영(Jin-Young Park) ; 홍성준(Seong-Jun Hong) ; 이순형(Soon-Hyung Lee)
Page pp.1778-1784
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords DC arc generator; UL1699B; Electrode spacing; Motor control; DC AFCI
Abstract In this paper, the development of a DC arc generator that is applicable to DC AFCI development and suitable for UL1699B test conditions is presented. The DC arc generator consists of a motor control system, an electrode system, an arc generator circuit. By applying an automated system using a motor and a linear actuator, the accuracy of the control such as electrode spacing has been improved. As a result of conducting an experiment on the developed product, the arc was successfully generated, and the minimum arc current according to the UL1699B test condition was satisfied. In addition, it was proved that DC arc characteristics can be analyzed through data such as arc voltage and arc current according to variables such as electrode spacing. The developed DC arc generator is expected to be used for research such as arc characteristics analysis and modeling, testing and product standardization under various conditions.