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Title The transparent conductive thin films of In2O3:ZnO for application of high efficiency Perovskite/Sitandem solarcell
Authors 박소민(Somin Park) ; 김홍래(Hongrae Kim) ; 박형기(Hyeonggi Park) ; 김영국(Youngkuk Kim) ; 이준신(Junsin Yi)
Page pp.887-892
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Transparent conductive oxide (TCO); Indium zinc oxide (IZO); Sputtering; High mobility; High efficiency; Solar cell
Abstract Indium-based transparent conductive thin films are used in various opto-electric devices. In particular, the In2O3:ZnO (IZO) thin film exhibits a high electrical conductivity and high transmittance despite deposition at a low temperature of less than 100℃. IZO thin film has the advantage of being free from damage caused by heat even compared to the existing ITO thin film. In this study, we investigated the requirements for use of TCO films in silicon-based solar cells and the best alternative TCO materials to improve their efficiency. Moreover, we discussed the current status of high-efficiency solar cells using low-temperature TCO films