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Title A Study on the Properties by Buffer Layer of TiAlN Films Deposited by Arc Ion Plating Method
Authors 정운조(Woon-Jo Jeong)
Page pp.1321-1326
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords TiAlN; TiN; Thin Film; Buffer Layer; AIP
Abstract In this study, using the AIP method, a TiAlN thin film was grown on a WC-5Co alloy using the buffer layer as TiAl, TiN, and CrN. The preferred orientation according to the XRD analysis showed a pattern with the growth directions of (111) and (110) in almost coating conditions. In the case of the thin film using TiN and CrN as buffer layers, (220) was more prominent than that of other specimens. The adhesion of the TiAlN layer showed a tendency to be affected by the buffer layer and surface roughness. The TiN buffer layer showed the highest adhesion of 130 [N], while the TiAl buffer layer showed a low adhesion of 20[N]. And to examine the high-temperature oxidation resistance, heat treatment was performed. In the case of the specimen using TiN and CrN as buffer layers and coating the TiAlN upper layer for 60 minutes, nitrogen was not replaced with oxygen even at 900[℃] and the nitride thin film was maintained as it is.