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Title Closed-Form Target Tracking Performance Measure for Multi-Radar Placement
Authors 조형찬(Hyung-Chan Cho) ; 정보영(Bo-Young Jung) ; 서의석(Ui-Suk Suh) ; 김영원(Young-Won Kim) ; 나원상(Won-Sang Ra)
Page pp.1381-1390
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Multi-radar system; optimal placement; decentralized filter; Fisher information; differential Riccati equation
Abstract This paper suggests the closed-form target tracking performance measure which is necessary for formulating a multi-radar placement problem. It is well-known that there is no analytic solution to the DRE(differential Riccati equation) of a nonlinear target tracking filter, which makes the problem intractable. As a fundamental resolution to this technical issue, the line-of-sight frame equivalents of the given nonlinear filter are exploited. For such case, unlike the existing numerical method, the analytic solutions to the corresponding DREs can be readily derived. This idea was based on the fact that the Fisher information is preserved regardless of the coordinates system in which a tracking filter is designed. The proposed approach allows us to clearly describe the tracking performance measure as a function of the radars’ positions as well as their specification. Simulations confirm that our scheme is beneficial for reducing the inherent complexity of a multi-radar placement problem.