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Title Development of High-performance Polyester Separator for Application of Tubular Batteries for ESS
Authors 서훈(Hoon Seo) ; 서인석(IN-Seok Seo) ; 구경완(Kyung-Wan Koo)
Page pp.1765-1770
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Lead-acid battery (LAB); Polyester separator; Cellulose; ESS battery
Abstract Among the different energy storage systems, the following properties are made lead-acid battery as a promising and viable ESS.
Low cost energy storage system, maintenance free battery system, available in all shapes and sizes, long cycle life, larger environmental advantages, higher recycling (~99% of lead can be reused). A conventional separator for lead-acid battery enabling the LAB to reliably have a predetermined capacity after the initial charging and a prolonged service life by limiting the quantity of reducing substance liberated or produced from the separator. Overcome the issues of conventional separator by modifying the surface properties through low cost and highly efficient materials specifically inexpensive biocellulose. This research and the results confirmed that the combined BC and PE separator will be a promising candidate for LAB systems.